Vascular & Oxygen Therapy

The above video is a Facebook interview by Senergy Medical Group's Emmy Grimes with our Tennant Institute Medical Assistant, Oscar Serrano explaining and demonstrating this new service offered at the Tennant Institute.


One of the key elements in increasing voltage and oxygen is exercise.  Dr. Tennant has partnered with Vasper to combine scalar and frequency technologies, so that you can correct polarities and recharge your body at the same time you are doing one of the most efficient exercise programs on the market. 

Patients can experience improved sleep, increased mobility, weight loss, increased athletic performance and improved vascular function with regular use of this machine.

The Vasper machine allows for a two-hour, full-body workout in only TWENTY-ONE minutes, providing increased vascular performance!  Professional athletes have experienced a 10-12% increase in athletic performance with the use of the Vasper machine.


It has been modified by Dr. Tennant, by adding the BioModulator® with hand and foot plates, as well as two BioTransducers® for added scalar energy.  Now, you can have your polarities reset and muscle "batteries" charged at the same time.


Optionally, it can be connected to the Live O2 for additional oxygen therapy which is more effective than Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

For further information on this device, visit the Senergy Medical Group website.



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