Tennant-Marshall Emotional Release Method
of Scalar Sound Therapy



"Dr. Tennant and I believe that emotions are one of the most significant voltage drains on the physical body.  We have developed this method to heal emotions and bring vitality back to the body by tuning these emotions back to just memories.  This method helps free people from past traumatic experiences, brings people to their most powerful and present self, and allows them to more fully reach their life’s purpose."


If you are called to help others along their path, this is a beautiful modality.  Once certified, you may use this method professionally."

 — Dr. Amy Marshall


What is involved with the Tennant-Marshall Scalar Emotional Release Training?

This unique healing modality uses sound (tuning forks) and the transducer (both scalar energy sources) to find charged emotions (stuck energy from the past) and tunes them back to just memories.  These charged emotions can be found on the body and in the magnetic field around the body (aura).  


A transmutation/release of the energy drain that emotions cause on our physical body can be identified and released, thereby increasing the voltage of the physical body.  The emotional, or astral plane, is a level above the physical plane of the body and influences the physical body.  This energy healing modality finds imbalances in upper planes of the human archetype and balances them using BioGeometry when needed. Taking dissonance/static energy and creating a harmonic resonance will help all levels of the human.

An important technique of this modality is beginning by raising the vibration of the space where healing occurs.  This is accomplished with BioGeometry – by finding and raising the centering vibration of energy and negating the effects of EMF and gridlines where needed.  Creating a healthy space accelerates the healing process.


When the past does not resonate dissonance in the present, we are free to move forward with less energy drains and hindrance from the past.  We are able to make decisions in the present moment with less fear, anxiety, worry, anger, etc.  The end result of this healing creates peace and power in the present moment for individuals and families and groups.  Improvements of physical ailments are reported with many diagnoses I have worked with.


Certification and legality of practice is covered in the course as well.  Class sizes are small to maintain integrity and fill up quickly.

During this two-day class, you will learn:

  • The basics of sound therapy using tuning forks on the body and in the magnetic field around the body.

  • Identifying stuck emotions and releasing them...tuning them back to just memories.

  • Energy balancing the space, to optimize the healing environment (addressing energy grid lines and optimizing the BG3 Centering vibration to heal the environment before you heal the body).  

  • The following is a breakdown of the topics per certification level:

Level 1

  • Energy/voltage system in and around the body

  • Chakra system/acupuncture system

  • Raising the vibration of the space for healing using BioGeometry

  • Correcting polarities

  • Using sound and light to find energy balances in the magnetic field and correct them

Level 2

  • Organ systems and listening to the deeper tissues, evaluating areas of low voltage

  • Using the BioModulator/BioTransducer to work on and around the body

  • Furthering your intuition to listen and receive answers

  • Learning about the higher planes of humans and how to further identify the energy imbalance

  • Scars: listen to scars and release the emotions in the scars

  • Using stones and a deep dive into BioGeometry signatures and their influence on the body

  • Closing the digestive valves

  • Working on the teeth/jaw/bones 

  • Adrenal balance and strengthening

  • Psoas muscle work  

Level 3

  • Remote work

  • Using BioGeometry for organs 

  • Infectious processes in the body and how to treat them

  • Working in the lobes of the brain, concussions

  • Working with a group

  • Mineral and heavy metal imbalances

  • Homeopathic use

  • Self care


  • The cost per class is $799.  

  • A non-refundable fee of $225 will be applied to all cancellations made within 7 days of the class.

When & Where:


  • Classes are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Class may run long the first day. 

  • These classes are in person at the Tennant Institute in Colleyville, TX (unless otherwise noted in the schedule below) and also online at DrAmyMarshallSchooloftheHealingArts.Teachable.com.


  • To enroll, please contact the Tennant Institute at (972) 580-1156 or by email at yina@tennantinstitute.com. After registering, you will receive an informative email on class materials etc. 


Course Dates:


  • August 12-13 (before Senergy Health Conference)

  • October 11-12 (after Senergy Health Conference)


  • July 10-11

  • August 16-17 (after Senergy Health Conference)

  • September 9-10 (before Senergy Health Conference)

  • November 20-21


  • June 19-20

  • September 13-14 (after Senergy Health Conference)

  • December 13-14 (after Senergy Health Conference)



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