The Tennant Institute does NOT participate in any insurance
programs, including:

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Private insurance

Therefore, we are unable to assist with claims.

Because we do not participate in insurance, we do not have coding experts on staff to fill out billing paperwork for you to submit insurance claims. 

We do not fill out insurance paperwork on your behalf.



We are glad to provide you with a receipt or superbill to assist you in completing insurance claims yourself. 


Lab Charges

Please check with your insurance provider to ensure lab charges are covered when ordered by a non-participating provider.  If this is a requirement of your plan, the lab will charge you retail price for your tests. Please contact your health plan to confirm. 


Lab Services

We DO however, have contracts with labs that can provide services at a reduced rate, if you do not have insurance or are out of the insurance network



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