We make it easy for you to take control of your health using PHYSICS not PHARMA.

Signs your body's voltage may be low:


Unexplained exhaustion

Chronic fatigue syndrome


Poor quality of sleep


Macular Degeneration



Weight Gain



Hormone Imbalance

Brain Fog

Difficulty Healing

Dr. David Smithson

Dr. Jerry Tennant 

Dr. Amy Marshall

Dr. Chase Faldmo

  • Harvard-trained, world-renowned ophthalmologist

  • Pope Benedict Order of Saint Sylvester award for contributions to medicine

  • Top 20 alternative doctors in America

  • The Academy of Comprehensive & Integrative Medicine lifetime achievement award

  • Microcurrent Society lifetime achievement award

We care about your healing journey and will use knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and special tools to restore and maintain your health.


Do you have enough voltage in your system for your body to heal?  At the Tennant Institute, we determine this by doing baseline testing of your overall voltage, the performance of each polarity, and a test to measure how your body is processing heavy metals.   This gives the doctors information on what physical challenges your body is facing when it doesn’t have the underlying power to operate and regenerate healthy cells. 

Using Physics to Heal

Using physics to return your body to the range of voltage to heal is achieved by correcting your polarities with a Tennant BioTransducer, and recharging with the FDA accepted Tennant  BioModulator.  This device is used with simple hand-grips and foot-plates that effectively deliver frequency voltage into your system.  The devices used daily is key in keeping your body in a healing state. 

Discovering Solutions

Once the doctors have determined your overall voltage measurements, they then begin the investigation of why your voltage dropped.  There are five areas we focus on that consistently will cause a drop in body voltage: dental infections, thyroid and hormone imbalance, emotional energy, scars and toxins.  During your time at the clinic, you will meet with Drs. Marshall and Faldmo to investigate and resolve these issues that often serve as the root cause of disease.  

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Our Healing Theories

"Integrating the theories and principles in Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage, has allowed me to progress in my own healing journey. I enjoy being a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine, helping my patients find the correct healing path."

Amy Marshall, DNP 

When traditional medicine could not heal me from an infection that put me in bed for seven years, I pursued every measure of healing I could find to heal myself.  That is how my journey with Eastern and Western medicine began.  I've spent the past 25-years sharing these healing techniques.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.D

I work daily to continue
Dr. Tennant’s legacy.  His healing theories are what  saved me from a life-threatening illness at the age of seventeen.

Chase Faldmo, DC

Discovering Dr. Tennant’s “Healing is Voltage” finally provided me with the missing link as to why some patients do not improve with standard medical care.  I believe voltage should be the foundation of all medical therapies.


Without it your body doesn't heal



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