Frequently Asked Questions


We are often asked, "Do you treat ___________?"

The answer is simple. Essentially all chronic disease is characterized by low voltage. If you correct the voltage and the problems that caused the low voltage (inadequate thyroid hormone, scars, dental infections, emotional baggage, and toxins), provide the nutrients it takes to make new cells, and eliminate the toxins that damage cells as fast as you make them, people usually get better or get well.

Do you treat cancer?

We do not treat cancer. In general, medical doctors that are not oncologists or radiologists are not allowed by medical boards to treat cancer. At the Tennant Institute, our goal is to return your body to normal healthy physiology. You should consult your private physician and/or an oncologist to determine what other options you have.

Do you treat ADHD?

Like all chronic diseases, ADHD usually has low voltage in one or more of the acupuncture circuits. A common one is the spleen circuit or acupuncture meridian, which is the power supply to the adrenals.

Can Dr. Faldmo do a regular chiropractic adjustment?

Yes. He is a fully trained and licensed chiropractor and can provide all the services allowed in Texas by his license.

What other treatments does Dr. Faldmo do?

Dr. Faldmo is responsible for the musculo-skeletal issues for our patients. He also addresses scars, nutrition, and toxins.

What is the Tennant Scalar Emotional Tuning Therapy?

Russian research has shown that memories and stressful emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields. Memories are recorded with frequencies that are compatible with health, but stressful emotions are stored with other frequencies that are not compatible with optimal health. Using scalar energy, one can tune the frequency of a stressful emotion into being just a memory.

Clear Mind Therapy – how does that work?

The Clear Mind device measures the amount of each brain frequency in each lobe of the brain and sends that data to a database at the University of Maryland. It quickly analyzes the data and returns a report with suggestions on how to retrain the brain to use the correct amount of the correct frequencies.

One can watch a video while the brain is being monitored with electrodes. If the brain is using correct frequencies, the picture and the sound are correct. If the brain attempts to use incorrect frequencies, the picture and sound dim. This trains the brain to use the correct frequencies.

What are Hyberbaric Treatments?

What does it help with?

Since the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in a liquid is dictated, at least in part, by the voltage of the liquid, almost anyone with low voltage in an organ can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen.

Can anyone do hyperbaric?

Essentially anyone that has not had a ruptured lung can have hyperbaric oxygen therapy if they are physically able to enter the tank and if they are not claustrophobic.

How long does it take?

Although we start with shorter times and lower pressure at first, sessions usually last for 60-90 minutes.

How many treatments do you need?

The number of treatments varies with each person depending a lot upon what their starting voltage is and whether they are simultaneously working to correct the voltage problem. Most centers recommend 40-hours, but we find that correcting voltage at the same time usually allows one to get the desired result with fewer hours.


Do you treat macular degeneration?

Let me begin by saying that the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Texas Medical Board have instructed me that I cannot say that I can treat macular degeneration with anything except Standard of Care medicine. Standard of Care for dry macular degeneration is AREDS vitamins and for wet macular degeneration is injections into the eye with a drug to constrict the bleeding blood vessels. Thus, I can only say that I can attempt to return your eyes to normal physiology.

There are several tests we do to measure visual function both before and after our attempts to return your vision to normal physiology:

Visual acuity: This is having you read the eye chart with the best glasses prescription we can find. This is considered a subjective test.

Electro-retinogram: This test measures visual function from in front of the eye, through the eye, to the back of the brain, and then to the front of the brain. It determines several electrical parameters and prints out a report, comparing your function with normal function. It is an objective test, as neither the patient nor the technician doing the test can influence it.

OCT: This is similar to an MRI of the macula except that it is done with lasers instead of radiation. It shows the various anatomical layers of the retina. It clearly shows drusen (deposit of a waxy substance called beta-amyloid) characteristic of dry macular degeneration, bleeding into the macula, cysts or holes in the macula, and scarring. It is also considered to be objective as neither the patient nor the technician doing the test can influence it.

Angiography: This test images the blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the macula and the retina. It is also considered to be objective as neither the patient nor the technician doing the test can influence it.

By comparing these tests both before and after any treatment, one can document without question whether the effort to return the physiology of the eye to normal has been successful. These tests can obviously be repeated over time to determine the long-term effects of any treatments.

What correcting voltage, nutrition, and toxins accomplish is to assist the body in making new cells that work. However, a new cell cannot push a scar out of the way. If you have significant scarring in the macular, nothing we do can return the eye to normal physiology.

Statin drugs have an impact on the macula. Nerve cells, including the macula, are 50% cholesterol by weight. If you block the liver’s ability to provide the macula enough cholesterol to make new macular cells by taking statin drugs, it is very difficult to repair the macula.

What other eye diseases to you treat?

Iritis/uveitis is inflammation inside the eye. It is often caused by a dental infection’s toxins. Often these infections are in the teeth that correspond to the acupuncture circuit to that part of the eye. For example, patients with iritis often have infection in the bone where wisdom teeth were extracted. It can take weeks or even several years after the extraction to have enough toxin buildup to cause the iritis.


Will I get well if I don’t go to the dentist?

All the power supplies for organs (acupuncture meridians) go through very specific teeth. Decay in a tooth acts like a resistor and lowers voltage to those organs. Infection in the bone around a tooth or in the bone where a tooth was pulled acts like a circuit breaker and turns that circuit off, making it difficult for organs on that circuit to function.

When the circuit breaker is off, nothing you do can overcome that, except to get the infection out of the bone so the circuit can be restored. We have found that in order for a person to get well, they must overcome infection in the bone where a circuit is attempting to pass through. To address this one should see a properly trained dentist to extract the infected bone.

Can I see any dentist?

To permanently heal infection in bone where a tooth was extracted or where a root canal tooth (all root canal teeth are dead teeth) allowed the infection to enter the bone surrounding the root canal, one must use ozone and platelet rich fibrin for the bone to be sterilized and for the bone to be stimulated to heal. They don’t teach this in dental schools, so you need to find a dentist that has taken the post-graduate education to know how to correct the problem.

How do I find a biologic dentist?

We have two suggestions:

1) Dr. Tennant has a list of dentists that have taken his training and have warranted that they have been trained with ozone and platelet rich fibrin. There are obviously dentists that use both but have not taken Dr. Tennant’s course or requested to be on his list.

2) Another suggestion is to use the membership list of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) at Remember that just because a dentist is a member of this academy does not necessarily mean that they are trained to use both ozone and platelet rich fibrin, so call and ask their office before you make an appointment.


How do we schedule an appointment?

Call 972-580-1156 or email

When do patients pay for their service?

Payment is required at the time of scheduling. Our exam times can take 1-2 hours. Thus, we schedule only a few patients per day. If a person is a no-show for their appointment, it greatly affects our scheduling and ability to serve the number of patients that have waited a long time to get an appointment.

How long does an appointment take?

A new patient should plan on being in our clinic from two days to five days. During that time, you will see 1-3 of our doctors and receive the various therapies that the doctors determine will be necessary for you. Existing patients who schedule an annual exam are typically at the clinic for half a day.

Why a two-day appointment for new patients?

To restore your voltages, you must address the five things that make your acupuncture circuits unable to hold a charge. Our doctors have various special skills. Thus, seeing several doctors allows us to address the multiple issues that are keeping you from being able to make new cells to heal. That takes at least two days. However, those with wet macular degeneration will need to be at the clinic for at least five days.

Can I schedule a telephone consultation?

Yes. With changes in telemedicine requirements due to COVID-19, we are allowed to do telemedicine appointments via Zoom. These appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Faldmo and Eliana Ceballos.

Why is there so much paperwork?

Part of the paperwork is legal, and the membership agreement for you to join our Private Expressive Association (PEA). Tennant Institute is a Private Expressive Association as defined by the Supreme Court of the United States. This federal law allows members of an organization to teach and consult with each other.

For example, essentially all religious organizations and sports organizations are Private Expressive Associations. Part of our paperwork are the forms necessary for you to become a member of our organization.

Hormones are a major control mechanism for the body. By filling out forms about your symptoms, we get critical information that allows us to better treat you and better understand the underlying issues that are causing symptoms.

Does the clinic take insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Workers’ Compensation?

No. The clinic does not participate with any insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Worker’s Compensation. Insurance companies are designed to pay for Standard of Care medicine. They almost never pay for Integrative Medicine. Therefore, we cannot depend upon insurance to pay for your visits/therapies. We will provide codes for your lab and exams so you can submit claims with your insurance provider on your own. Click here for more information.

After my first visit, how often do I come back?

It depends upon your problems. Some people need to be seen in a few days. Some can come back in three or four months. Others won’t need to be seen except annually. Of course anyone can call and request a follow-up appointment if they have questions or new problems arise.

Can I spend the night at the clinic?

No. We don’t have the ability to keep patients overnight. The Holiday Inn Express, 820 Thousand Oaks Drive, Hurst, TX 76054, offers a discount for Tennant patients and provides shuttle service to and from the airport, clinic, and area restaurants. They can be reached at 817-427-1818.

Are there any other doctors in the USA that do this kind of work?

An increasing number of physicians are offering Integrative Medical Care, and almost all medical schools are beginning to teach some courses in it. In addition, Dr. Tennant teaches any person interested in learning about the system he uses. You can check the internet for physicians near you.


What lab work do patients need to submit with their medical history?

If you have had lab work within the past year, that is usually adequate. However, depending upon one's specific issues and what's already been tested, we have found that additional tests may be needed.

For example, we use the Free T-3 test specifically to know how your thyroid is functioning at the cell membrane level and many doctors don’t order that test. The hormone T-3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body and the total number of mitochondria in the body, so we must get that correct.

Also, most doctors are trained to simply look at the amount of the inactive form of thyroid hormone T-4 and/or a hormone called TSH that is driven by NIS (sodium-iodide symporter) that is driven by another hormone from the pituitary and the amount of iodine in your blood. Thus, we often have to give you a lab request slip to order the Free T-3 even if you have recent other labs.

Why is the thyroid so important in my healing process?

The thyroid produces hormones that affect your body at the cellular level. The hormone T-3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body and the total number of mitochondria in the body, so we must get that correct.

How do I get my lab results?

When labs are sent to us, they are reviewed by one of our doctors. Copies may be sent to the patient via email if permission is granted to do so or placed in your personal database that you have access to.


Where do I purchase a BioModulator and BioTransducer?

The only U.S. distributor for the Tennant BioModulator or the Tennant BioTransducer is Senergy Medical Group at 972-580-0545. Their website is

How long does it take to correct my polarities?

This varies from person-to-person and day-to-day. It may take from 5-30 minutes.

Can others use my BioModulator?

The Tennant BioModulator is classified as a Class II medical device by the FDA and thus requires a prescription for a specific person. However, one cannot deny that in the real world, multiple family members commonly use the same device.

Can I use rechargable batteries for the BioModulator?

Regular alkaline batteries hold 1.5 volts, whereas most rechargeable batteries hold about 1.2 volts. Although one can use either in the SlimLine or the Pro BioModulators, the Pro’s LCD screen uses a lot more voltage and you have to replace rechargeable batteries very often in that device, whereas they work fine in the SlimLine.

What’s scalar energy?

The discussion about scalar energy can be long and disputed, so you can study about it on the internet. However, you should know that there are two types of energy in the Universe: electromagnetic and scalar.

Everyone knows about electromagnetic: electricity, radio waves, etc. However, scalar has the ability to correct the polarity in a battery where the polarity has been reversed, so that the battery can once again take a charge. The Tennant BioTransducer, an accessory to the Tennant BioModulator, can provide scalar energy.

How do frequencies work?

Every atom has a different frequency. Every molecule is an assembly of various atoms and thus has a collection of frequencies. Every cell in the body is designed to vibrate at a specific frequency. When cells are not vibrating correctly, using the correct frequency to entrain them back to normal can be helpful.



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