Signs Your Body's Voltage May Be Low

Chronic Digestive Issues

A digestive disease is any health problem that occurs in the digestive tract.  Conditions may range from mild to serious. Some common problems include heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and lactose intolerance.

Other Digestive Issues

  • Gallstones

  • Pancreatitis and pancreatic pseudocyst

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

  • Peptic ulcer

  • Hiatal hernia 

  • Stomach problems

    • Gastritis

    • Gastric ulcers

  • Liver problems

    • Hepatitis B or hepatitis C

    • Cirrhosis

    • Liver failure

    • Alcoholic hepatitis

  • Rectal problems

    • Anal fissure

    • Hemorrhoids

    • Rectal prolapse

  • Esophagus problems

    • Stricture (narrowing) and

    • Esophagitis

  • Intestinal problems

    • Polyps

    • Celiac disease

    • Crohn disease,

    • Ulcerative colitis,

    • Diverticulitis

Symptoms Include


  • Bloating

  • Diarrhea

  • Gas

  • Stomach pain

  • Stomach cramps

Treatment at the Tennant Institute


Drs. Tennant and Faldmo believe that if your body can consistently regenerate good cells, then it has the capability to heal itself.  They therefore believe that all conditions result from the lack of one of the following three key components, which are required to regenerate healthy cells:

  • Sufficient voltage

  • Complete nutrition

  • Elimination of toxins


With respect to Chronic Digestive Issues, there is typically low voltage in the Stomach circuit and an actual lack of stomach acid causing issues with digestion.  When we eat food, it is in the form of a protein.  A protein is a combination of different amino acids.  The body is not meant to absorb protein, it is however, meant to absorb amino acids.  What helps break proteins down into absorbable amino acids is having enough stomach acid.  Many people actually have decreased stomach acid, causing food to go undigested which wreaks havoc on the gastrointestinal tract. Decreased stomach acid is due to low voltage in the Stomach circuit along with deficiencies in several nutrients like vitamins and minerals, especially iodine.


We have found that once daily key nutritional support is being used and the causes of the low voltage in the Spleen circuit have been corrected (dental infections, scars, hormones/thyroid, toxins and emotional baggage) that Chronic Digestive Issues typically improve and resolve. 



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