Chronic Disease

The body is constantly wearing itself out.  You make new cells in your retina every 48 hours.  The lining of your intestine is replaced every three days.  Your skin is replaced every six weeks.  Your liver is replaced every eight weeks.  Your nervous system is replaced every eight months.

Chronic Disease Occurs When You lose the ability to make new cells that work.

So that leads us to the question, “What does it take to make new cells that work?”

Cells are designed to run at -25 millivolts but it takes -50 millivolts to make a new cell.  Voltage is controlled by:

  • Thyroid hormone (we run labs to see if you need more) and adrenal hormones.

  • Humic/fulvic acids (get from Raw Materials)

  • Exercise (generates electrons) (You must exercise 12 minutes per day)

  • Alkaline water (you must drink alkaline water and avoid other drinks or use only in moderation)

Voltage can be supported using the BioModulator/BioTransducer by inserting electrons in a form that will transfer to the cells and recharge them.

Voltage is consumed by or circuits shorted by:

  • Scars (we correct that with the BioModulator/BioTransducer)

  • Dental infections (each tooth is wired into an acupuncture circuit.  An infection acts like a circuit breaker and drops the voltage so you can’t make new cells)

  • Heavy metals like mercury and lead (corrected with 400X fulvic)

  • Other toxins like pesticides, fungus, etc. (must detox the system)

  • Emotions stored in organs.  Emotions are magnetic energy fields.  They absorb and block voltage.  They also burn out your adrenals.


The outside of cells are made of fats.  To absorb fat, you must have bile.  The liver makes 1 1/2 quarts of bile per day and that is stored in the gall bladder.  We must make sure this system is working and if you don’t have a gall bladder, you will have to take DigestRx with each meal the rest of your life.  We will also give you the instructions to clean the liver, gall bladder and large intestine.

The inside of most cells is made from amino acids.  When you eat a protein, stomach acid breaks it into amino acids so you can make new cells.  If you don’t have stomach acid, you don’t have the amino acids you need to make cells and you become allergic to everything you eat.  To make stomach acid requires vitamin B1, iodine, zinc, salt, and water.  Those will be in the supplements we will recommend to you.


Cells need vitamins and minerals to work.  These are normally provided by humic and fulvic acids.  In addition, fulvic controls the ability of vitamins and minerals to enter the cell.  These are present in the Raw Materials.  Raw Materials is available in capsules, concentrate, or gallon bottles.


Oxygen is necessary for cells to work.  It is under control of the voltage in the cell and a substance called nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide may be corrected by Restore but in cases of significantly poor circulation, it is necessary to also use lozenges called Neo-40 (Professional Strength).  We can also force oxygen into the cells with hyperbaric oxygen.

Cells are 70% water.  But this isn’t just H2O.  It is an electron donor form of water called H3O2.  The body makes this from alkaline water with the assistance of infra-red light.  You need to drink clean, alkaline water and get into the sun.  We also use the infra-red sauna to help the body correct it’s intracellular water to an electron donor form.

There are many molecules that cells need to form and to work.  We have assembled all of these that we can into a powder that you use to make a shake each morning.  It is called Raw Materials RESTORE.  For example, many people have what is called a methylation deficiency.  The methyl forms of B6, B12, and folate you need are included.

Different organs run at different frequencies.  Sometimes this gets confused.  Thus “cellular software” can be corrected using essential oils, herbs, and/or homeopathics.

You need to eat a diet that is mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, and a little meat.  Milk that has not been pasteurized (heat destroys proteins) or homogenized (destroys good fats) is great if you can get it.  People are usually allergic to the damaged proteins and fats and are not lactose intolerant.  Most people that feel better on gluten-free diets are better, because they are avoiding genetically modified foods (GMO’s).  Many of the larger food stores now have non-GMO sections.  You should take a capsule with digestive enzymes with each meal.  Dr. Tennant’s Digest Enzyme Formula contains almost every digestive enzyme known.

Cells can be damaged as fast as you make them by toxins.  The most common toxins that damage cells are dental infections and heavy metals like mercury and lead.  We do a test called Oligoscan to see if you have excess heavy metals.   

Other common toxins are tobacco, pesticides, synthetic sweeteners, alcohol, coffee, black tea, street drugs, pharmaceuticals, diet drinks, MSG, trans-fats, partially hydrogenated fats, soy, genetically modified foods (GM)’s), and fluoride in water and dental treatments.  You must avoid these.

You must do all of these things at the same time.  


If you are trying to build a house but don’t have any shingles, it is not a very good house.  If you are trying to get well by making new cells but leave out an essential part (like shingles), it won’t be a good cell.

Remember that what we know how to do is help your body get to where it can make new cells that work.  However, a new cell cannot push a scar out of the way.  This is obvious in treating macular degeneration.  The more scarring you have, the less like anything will help.  But getting the body where it can make new cells helps every organ in the body and often stops the progression of whatever problem you are dealing with.


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