Allergies as a "Service" (to replace LDA/LDI)

(My text from "Signs your Voltage May be Low")

With respect to Allergies, you must remember that your body cannot absorb proteins.  They must first be broken down into the building blocks of proteins, amino acids.  However if stomach acid is not sufficient to break down the proteins then the protein molecule gets into the system causing a reaction from the immune system.  So first you need good stomach acid and the Dr. Tennant Iodine Plus supplement contains all the ingredients to support this function.  Then Dr. Tennant's Digestive Enzymes contain 27 powerful, high-potency digestive enzymes to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.


We have found that once daily key nutritional support is being used and the causes of the low voltage in the Stomach circuit have been corrected (dental infections, scars, hormones/thyroid, toxins and emotional baggage) that Allergies typically improve and resolve. 

This video is on "Pollens" and describes "Digital Detox"



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