The Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr, sometimes referred to as the Sylvestrine Order, is one of the chivalric orders awarded by the Pope.  This Order was at one time united with the Order of the Golden Militia.  It is now the fifth-ranking Papal Order.

The Order of St. Sylvester has some similarities to the Nobel Prize.  It is intended to award Roman Catholic laymen who are actively involved in the life of the church, particularly as it is exemplified in the exercise of their professional duties and mastership of the different arts.  It is also conferred on non-Catholics, but more rarely than the Order of St. Gregory.

Jerald L. Tennant, MD, a non-Catholic, was knighted into the Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr on July 12, 2008 in recognition of his contributions to medicine.



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