In 1981, Dr. Tennant published his book A Primer of Cataract and IOL Surgery.  In this book Dr. Tennant described the beveled, water-tight cataract incision that was necessary to keep the eye from leaking fluid and collapsing during the healing process. This meant that patients could safely ambulate immediately after surgery. This also allowed incisions that did not require sutures. Dr. Tennant was the first to use and teach such an incision (although some have assigned this significant evolution in cataract surgery to another surgeon at a later date).

Before the development of the beveled incision, cataract patients were required to stay in bed for two weeks after the surgery.  During the time Dr. Tennant was in residency (1965-1968), patients were blindfolded for two weeks.  Many of them became disoriented and even psychotic because of it.

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